How To Avail ianugrah Services?
1. Applicants may register any time with the Detailed Application Form (DAF) emailed to ianugrah. There is no registration charge.
2. We advise the candidates to seek an appointment, prior to the declaration of results of the Mains Examination, with experts of ianugrah for preliminary customized guidance - for understanding their strengths and weaknesses to help them prepare in a focused manner for the personality test. 
Candidates can do so by sending an email to ianugrah when a date will be blocked.  No fee will be charged for the preliminary guidance. 
3. After the results of the Mains Examination, candidates may email to ianugrah for scheduling discussion sessions / mock interviews with ianugrah experts. Based on the background of each registered candidate, the number of interview sessions required would be indicated so that upto two days are available to the candidate to be with ianugrah in New Delhi. 
A nominal fee of Rs 2,100/- (Inclusive of GST) will be charged for personalised discussion sessions / mock interviews. 
Exemption from payment of fee would be considered for those who have difficulty in paying or are differently abled.
Email address of ianugrah: