Our Team
Dr. N. BHASKARA RAO Expert in Mass Communication,  

Rao is the current affairs expert on the panel;

A specialist in mass communication and founder of the independent think-tank, Centre for Media Studies, Rao is the trailblazer of psephology-based election studies in India. When Rao used psephology to analyse Indian political trends 30 years ago, it was a novelty for most Indians. But his ideas were limited to Indian politics and public policies.

His research on the general impact of television, including that on children, are considered benchmark documents in the formulation of policies related to the visual media. Rao has the distinction of having three masters’ degrees and a PhD from two Indian and two US Universities. An author of serious essays on a variety of topics, Rao’s writings often attract the attention of policy-makers.

He is also a pioneer in applied social science research in India, and has remained a key expert in matters of public opinion, feedback and market research methodologies. He was the coordinator of Vision 2020 Andhra Pradesh and has held senior advisory positions with the Government and international agencies.